Saron Brandao

Freelancer videographer based in Berlin.

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Iskandar Widgaga Music video

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Chandra Baumgärtner Yoga Classes

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Noelia Sarris Music video

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Monica Antoniucci Online Course

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Ora Blu - Concert hightlights

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Kaos Berlin - Events Highlights

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Kavahu - Music Video

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Kavahu - Lyric Video

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Chandra Baumgärtner

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

“ Saron Brandao hat mein erstes Professionelles Yoga Video gedreht und geschnitten. Die Zusammenarbeit hat sehr viel Spass geht. Der Videodreh lief wie geplant und Reibungslos. Seine professionelle ruhige und entspannte Art war mir persönlich eine grosse Hilfe. Auch die Kommunikation für Postproduktion lief unkompliziert . ”

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Carmel Knight

Digital Marketing Strategist

“ Saron created a series of promotional videos for my clients and was really impressed with the quality of his work and his work ethic. He visited my client's premises, was always professional and courteous and looked after everything from start to finish delivering the videos in a timely fashion at very reasonable prices. I am delighted to recommend Saron. ”

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Stephen Lawless

Business Analyst

“ I hired Saron on a number of occasions to help create video content. I really enjoyed working with Saron. The quality of his work is outstanding. He is very reliable and can work independently. I would have no problem recommending Saron to any business looking to create video content or promotional videos. ”

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Fiona Staunton


“ Saron has a great work ethic, he is professional, meticulous, organised and follows through on each task. He recorded and edited a number of videos for my business, Fiona's food for life in 2019. I would happily recommend him. ”

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I have always been passionate about audio and video editing. From a young age, I dreamed of having my own band and producing my own music videos. Fortunately, I had access to an old tape recorder which sparked my interest in audio mixing. By the age of 17, I had already started recording and mixing for a local music studio and eventually launched my own audio recording and mixing freelancing business.

As my interest in video editing grew, I decided to create a few short videos of my own. While the results were not perfect, the positive feedback from my peers encouraged me to learn more about proper image capture. I soon added video shooting and editing to my list of freelancing services and began working on events such as conferences, weddings, and concerts.

I have also developed strong 2D graphic animation skills over time and continue to improve my video editing proficiency. My career as a colorist began later, when I gained a deeper understanding of the role that colors play in composition and the importance of proper color treatment in the final product.

Throughout my career, I have always strived to make the most of each project I work on. Strong communication and attention to detail are my key strengths.

Saron Brandão